I can’t believe that the Olympics is over! I’ve really enjoyed it although I thought that it lasted a bit longer.

My favourite events to watch:

  •  Athletics because it’s something that is exciting and there are different events in it. I love the 100m because it is really fast pace and you can really get into it. Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis are the athletes that I really like to watch. Usain Bolt’s races are always so exciting and he’s one of the well know athletes that everyone wants to watch.
  • Gymnastics is one of my favourites because it’s something that requires such a high level of skill and is amazing to watch. Also, each gymnast has a different routine so that it isn’t very predictable. I love to watch it because I admire anyone that can do all the flips- especially on the beam. I think it would be amazing to compete in gymnastics but unfortunately I can do walkovers (front and back), forward and backward rolls, headstands, handstands and cartwheels so unless I can forward roll my way to victory (although, I’m pretty sure that would work), I don’t think I have a chance. :p
  • Swimming is another sport that I love to watch in the Olympics because it is fast pace and it’s really fun to watch- especially if your team is in it. However, I tend to forget what race the person from GB is in so I end up cheering on the wrong person… whoops. I can’t believe how many medals Michael Phelps has won! And all in just one Olympic! He’s such an amazing athlete (Fact for you: he was bullied at school. He’s got the last laugh though- good for him!).

So pleased that Great Britain came 2nd (and for such small countries!), all the athletes seemed really good and it was great to watch them compete. Although, I’m not sure how they’ll do in Tokyo due to a lot of the best athletes retiring but hopefully we’ll still do well.

 Just some of my thoughts on the Olympics, what do you think? Where abouts did your country finish? I’d love to hear about your thoughts!

P.S, I know that this is really late but I wrote this post on the day that the Olympics. I was considering whether or not to post it but I thought that you probably wouldn’t mind (and if you do, I’m really sorry it doesn’t please you but I’m gonna put whatever I want!).


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous


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