Sprinkle Of Delight

Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I will post all the randomness that enters my head! I’d be delighted if you could stay on my blog and don’t leave me alone as I begin to age and stroke my  100s of cats (how amazing would it be to have that many cats, though?!)
I know that most of you won’t bother to read it or pay any attention to it but if this blog ever becomes something other than my unwanted corner then I’d be so happy that I’d have no other choice but to virtual hug everyone!
My blog will be anonymous due to feeling this is the only way I can truly be myself without being paranoid that other people who I know in real life will judge me. But this won’t mean that I won’t be myself! It just means that I could be writing a post next to you on the bus but you’ll never know! Although that’s very unlikely due to the fact that I hardly ever go on the bus but oh well!
Anywhale, please keep posted so that you’ll know all about the sprinkles of randomness in my mind! Thank you to anyone that has read this and not just been disgusted by my blog already. 🤗




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