Do You Ever..?

These are some weird things that I do! I hope you enjoy reading them and can relate!

Do you ever…
See something which you think is amazing and them realise it says/is something different so many people are asking what you’re screaming/laughing about, you just say “Tis nothing”

Say things over and over again out loud when you’re trying to remember things so it can be kinda awkward. Let’s say you’re going to a murder mystery party: “I have to remove the evidence, the blood can’t be seen”

Get really excited about something that you really don’t care about because your friends are excited which confuses both you and your friends.

If you want more posts like this, please comment! Also, if there are any topics that you want me to do, please comment your idea… You will get credit for your idea!


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous


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