Types Of Teachers

Sooo… I went back to school on Monday (ew) and I thought that I could write a blog post relating to it. Thankfully this year (I’m in year 10, in case you were wondering!) all my teachers are nice and we’ve got smaller sets so I’m not with any disruptive people anymore, phew!

Anywhale… Back to the actual post!
Types Of Teachers At School

1) The strict teacher- This teacher will accept nothing more but perfection and if you step out of line, your dead. Not even the worst students want to get on the wrong side of this teacher! You breathed out of sync? Detention!

2) The homework hander- Never ending homework, you won’t have a break with this teacher! They don’t seem understand the concept of a ‘social life’ (not that I have one but still, episodes of The Originals don’t get watched by themselves!). These also tend to be the ones that have no tolerance for poor homework and don’t let you do the homework when you’ve finished your work in class.

3) The enthusiastic one- ‘WELCOME TO EENNGLLISSSHHHH, ONE OF THE FIIIINNEST LESSONS OF ALL TIME! AND GUESS WHAT?? (‘What?’ I hear you cry) WE’LL BE DOING SHAKESPEARE! WHOOOO!’ Pretty self explanatory, they put their heart and soul into every lesson which I actually quite like because, if they’re also a good teacher, then I learn a lot whilst also enjoying the lesson more than I would usually.

4)  Boorrii-zzzzzzz- I absolutely hate drawing on myself but sometimes there just isn’t anything else to do. They usually sound like a robot and look almost as bored as we are. Activities I do in these lessons: push down my cuticles, draw on myself, draw in my planner, shade random things in and inspect my pencil case.

5) The supply teacher- They’re not exactly proper teachers (as in specialising in a subject) but I thought I’d add them anyway. I kinda feel sorry for them because loads of people make it really difficult for them. It’s usually an easy lesson and you can just sit wherever you want and you normally know more about the subject than they do so you don’t normally learn anything…

6) ‘Let’s be best friends!’- This kind of teacher is sweet but they act like we’re best friends and they try to act ‘cool’. They might start a full on conversation with you about something completely unrelated to school and might just join in with your conversation.

7) Story teller- Once you’ve had this teacher, you know their  whole life story and EVERYTHING about them. I don’t mind the odd ‘story’ but when you are constantly hearing the same one again and again, it gets a bit boring… Very boring….

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while but I hope you enjoy this post!


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous



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