Reasons Why I Started This Blog

I feel like if I’m going to make new friends then I’ll have to be honest with you and say what’s happening right now.

But here’s a list of things:

  • I feel like I can’t really be myself at school when I’m surrounded by judgmental teenagers. Although I am mainly myself, I don’t really like saying my feelings without feeling stupid. I feel like on here that I can be myself as the people on here don’t know me in real life and I’m not as paranoid that if I say something wrong then I’m screwed.
  • I can write everything down that’s been in my head and hope that someone reads and can relate.
  • I will be able to look back at this when I’m older and see what it was like, although I’m pretty sure it will be more cringey than ‘cute’.
  • It’s a bit like a diary, I know when things happen and although I’m not the most organised person, I can plan things out for the future.
  • I’ll be able to find people who have the same interests as me and then make new friends.
  • Although the main reason is that I don’t know who I can trust, so many so called ‘friends’ are backstabbing me. I want to escape it. I need to. I don’t know why but people who I used to think of as friends now hate me? I’ve never done anything wrong to them- sure I’m a bit boring but I’m not mean.

Thank you if you read it, I know that no one does but I just want you to know that I’d really appreciate it.

-Sprinkle Of Anonymous


4 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Started This Blog

  1. You left a comment on my blog post, so I came to check out what you mentioned about yours. I totally get the cringe thing, I’m in publishing club at school and this girl wrote something horrible a few years ago and shared it. We laughed so hard!
    I can get the things you’re saying. I see people alllllllllll the time I like, but never talk to. That means friends don’t come very easy. I just moved, and my previous school was small. It was a hundred kids in my grade, and we moved up together. We knew everything about each other- my friend twitches in her sleep, this guy sleeps in a Deadpool beanie.
    Do you have a Wattpad account? I’m @-internally. If you do, PM me. I’m willing to talk!

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