Since I was little (as in age, I’m still very little in height), people have always thought that I was weak and just a little baby. I may look younger than I am and be small but it doesn’t mean that I should get treated like I’m in primary school. I HATE it, why should I have to feel like I don’t matter?

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In Spanish, a teacher came into my classroom and asked my teacher if could borrow a ‘strong boy’. I was like, WHAT?? All she was asking for is to carry some books so why couldn’t a girl do it? I’m quite capable of doing it. I understand that guys are naturally built stronger but that doesn’t mean that we’re weak. I’m skinny and have twigs for arms but I’m also very strong- stronger than a lot of guys. But of course no one expects me to, I am just the small, quiet girl after all. From the very beginning, guys are expected more of- there’s been an experiment where there’s a ramp that changes steepness and parents with babies put their  child on and adjust the steepness to what they think their baby is capable. I can’t quite remember but I think all of the boys were expected much more of and it seems that they think they are more capable than girls.

This wasn’t meant to be a feminism post, oops, but it does prove my point, we’re viewed as the ‘weaker sex’ and that we can’t do things as well as guys. It’s ridiculous.

People will always put doubt in your mind but you can do ANYTHING (within reason, of course). Don’t stress yourself out over others negativity; use it instead to fuel your desire to get your goal- to prove them wrong. Imagine the look on their faces when they realise how wrong they’ve been that they thought you weren’t capable of doing it.

They may think that you are weak, that they can just play around with your emotions, but you and I both know that that isn’t true. You’ve made it so far, so don’t let others be the reason for not succeeding. You are in control of that. Some thinks you’re not good enough? Prove them wrong. Prove them all wrong. The only limits that we possess are the ones that we set far ourselves, the ones we let other people set for ourselves.

I’ll come back with a fight each and every time.

And so will you.


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