Harry Potter Q and A!

I found this on Quiz Up and thought it would be cool to do it on my blog!

I’ve also just thought of a joke (I’m very proud of it): What was missing from Harry Potter? Voldemort’s nose!

Hehe, shut up, I’m funny.

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  1. Your favourite book– I know that this sounds boring and not the greatest, but I like all of them! I think they’re all really well written.
  2. Your favourite movie– I think I’ll have to go with the same answer as before because although it doesn’t come close to the amazing books, the movies were amazing. Which is very strange because many books that have been turned into movies just..uhh, well suck but the Harry Potter movies have been executed very well and the cast are great for the characters.
  3. Favourite female character (why?)– This will have to be Hermione because I love how strong she is, and intelligent. Furthermore, you can relate to her and her struggles which makes me love her even more!
  4. Favourite male character (why?)– This is so hard to decide but I think I have to go with Hagrid because he’s just amazing- do I need anymore of an explanation?
  5. Least favourite female character (why?)– I think she is probably the most hated person in Harry Potter, and, you guessed it (probably)! Dolores Umbridge! Do I need to explain?
  6. Least favourite male character (why?)– I HATE Peter Pettigrew!  He’s just really annoying and there is nothing to like about him and although Voldemort is the main villain, I actually like him!
  7. Your house– On Pottermore, I took the quiz and my results were Ravenclaw which I was really happy with because I think that it’s a really strong house and known for being smart which i would definitely like!
  8. You favourite defence against the dark arts teacher– Is without a doubt Lupin because he seens really sweet and cool.
  9. Your favourite adult character– This is really difficult because there’s Sirius, Dumbledore, Hagrid, The Weasleys and Professor McGonagall. Butttt, I think I’m going to say Hagrid because he’s just amazing! He also called a vicious three headed dog fluffy so…
  10. What your favourite subject in Hogwarts would be?– I think care of magical creatures because I love animals and to be able to takr care of such incredible ones would be amazing and make me so happy!

Thank you for reading! I’ll do a part two if this gets 5 views! (I have really low expectations but considering I get 0 views for each post, I’m expecting a lot!).


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous



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