Goodbye Braces!

I’ve just got my braces off! I’m so excited and although they’ve been such a pain, it was definitely worth it! I thought for this post, I’d just talk about braces (just to clarify, the ones on your teeth- not to keep your trousers up!).

People often worry about getting braces because they either think that they’ll get teased for having them or that they’ll really hurt but in reality- for me, anyway- I didn’t get any nasty comments about them and I actually got quite a lot of compliments. About them hurting, they’re supposed to really hurt putting them on and taking them off but they didn’t really hurt putting them on and, I won’t lie, I did hurt a bit taking them off but it wasn’t a great deal of pain. It hurt more after I had just got my brace because they were really aching but as long as you have soft foods for a few days after you’ve had your braces then you should be fine. I had smoothies for breakfast and my mum blended up some veg which sounds weird but is actually really nice.

Also, if your braces dig into your gum then there’s wax that you can put on it to stop it from rubbing your gum which I found super useful!

I also used mouthwash as this is supposed to stop your brace from leaving any marks on your teeth and since there aren’t any marks, I’m guessing it worked!

I definitely feel a lot more confident with straight teeth, I know it sounds weird but I really do!


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous


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