Quitting Blogging

As you can tell from the title, I am having thoughts about quitting blogging. I’d love to blog but I’ve been doing so for two months and have got NOWHERE. I’m not trying to get attention but seriously, when you put loads of effort into blog posts and get zero views each time, then you feel awful.

I get a couple of likes each time but that’s no doubt so that I’ll like their’s back, not because they like my blog, due to having zero views. I started blogging in a really hard situation when I felt like no one wanted me and I’m being to feel that again here. But the thing is that I don’t think it has anything to do with my blog posts, I thought that maybe what I was posting was awful at first, because no one even gives them a bloody chance. Twice a week for two months and yet still getting zero views- I feel like I can’t get anywhere. And when people have blogged for less than me and post less yet have 100 loads of views, likes and followers it doesn’t make it any better, especially when I do everything such as using tags, social media, images, reaching out to other bloggers and trying to make my posts interesting. But it’s just a continuous cycle of me writing a blog post- sometimes feeling really proud of it- and then checking the next day to find no views. It stresses me out.

You could say ‘write for yourself’ but seriously, I just want to know if people can relate.

It makes me feel worthless, like whatever I do will mean nothing and that no one cared about me. The same thing that is happening in real life is happening in blogging. My stress had increased significantly, something I thought blogging would reduce.

This is not my final decision but I think I’ll probably quit, or at least blog less.


15 thoughts on “Quitting Blogging

  1. i just noticed your blog now!honest!yes, i feel for you!!HOWEVER, its weird. i used to blog like once every 2 weeks, basically, not very often, and i used to get like 20 likes a post, but noiw, i found though im posting considerably often, i get like only 7-10 likes!!maybe try being a little easier on yourself:) but its not just you!THE STRUGGLE IS BLOODY REAL!!AND I GET THE ‘LOADS OF BLOGGERS HAVE BEEN DOING LESS AND GET MORE’ THING TOTALLY!! even tho i’ve been getting less viewers despite gaining followers, i’ll give you a shout out if you want!! also-try polyvore if you like fashion, and link your blog to it, and on polyvore, join groups, and make lots of new sets, it drastically gained my exposure!also, try this blog called dream big dream often, the owner does meet and greets, and it helps you meet laods of new readers!he also does share post posts, where you leave a link of a post, and he reblogs it, and he has many followrs, over a few thousand actually!!hope this helpsβ™₯β™₯β™₯

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      1. aww, yw!yeah, its your choice at the end of the day, and i wouldnt want you to do anything that makes you unhappy,:) you measn the polyvore groups? basically got to your profile and scroll down, then, there will be different categories like overview, sets, items, collections,likes, following, followers, groups, wins and templates. click on groups. it will say somehting like you havent join anyygroups yet, with a hyperlink to see other groups, there are a lot of open ones such as style for style, in style and style is always in. these are the groups i joined, and found worked!and, no problem:)it felt nice to be able to help, even if ti wasnt much<3xx

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  2. Hi! I completely understand how you feel and the thing is, you might want people to relate and like your posts but the best way to do that really is by being yourself! Everyone is unique! for the first few months my blog had few views, not very many likes etc but then I started just doing rants about life, talking, being casual. I’d definitely say social media helps, twitter and insta, and also talking to more people πŸ™‚ don’t try to be too relatable, just be happy with your own content


  3. Oh, don’t quit! I don’t read yours on the site, but since I follow you, it goes to my email. I read them from there. Don’t let views define you. Trust me, I get that way on Wattpad every now and then. “They see the book, they read it. So why don’t they vote?” I promise you, I do read them. I rather enjoy them.
    I myself don’t post often, something I’m not proud of. I wish I could, but I never get around to it. I get you’re trying. Let me tell you this: NO ONE reads my blog. So don’t feel bad, or like you’re alone. And look at all the positive feedback you’re getting here. Don’t quit.

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  4. Hello!
    I found your blog, after your insightful comment in zoe2600’s site and to be honest I think you’re being a little too hard on yourself. Your blog is great, people have recofnized your work and given you awards, you do have comments and that sort of sucesso doesn’t come overnight. I find it unhelpful to compare to super successful bloggers especially when you’re new.There will aways be moments of frustration, but if we let feelings dictate our every move it becomes even worse.

    Of course in the end it’s your choice. but I would recommend to carry on writing. Forgive me if any of my words were hurtful, I’m simply trying to help. I wish you all the success with your blog

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