Drawing- Poetry And More

From light to dark,

You make your mark.

Across the page your pencil will glide,

As you await a peaceful ride.

Leave all stress behind,

And look for all the beauty that you can find.

Hand, Sketch, Drawing, Finger, Crippled
Not my drawing, by the way!

I love to draw because when it goes right it’s so satisfying and you just sit in silence and concentrate on the drawing and not the world around you. I’m not the best at drawing but I’d love to be better and I really hope that I can improve.

Also, when you get compliments n your drawings you feel like you could just jump for joy because for someone to appreciate your hard work is just lovely.

Don’t know why I decided to do this but it’s just a little thing that I came up with- sorry that it’s so lame aha 🙂 If you’d like more poems please comment and say what you’d like them about!


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous