December Review- Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Getting pretty late for this month’s review and I actually watched this when it first came out, that seems ages away!

Newt Scamander is a British wizard who has arrived in America with a suitcase full of.. well… fantastic beasts! He meets many people along the way, including a muggle and two witches. However, obscurials are terrorising New York and Newt has to use the creatures to save the day. I’ve made it sound really cliche but it’s honestly amazing!

My Thoughts
I thought that it was such an amazing film and it was lovely to have the world in which Harry Potter lives in brought to life again. I think it was a great time to bring it out because so many people were still Potterheads but it was brought out such a long time ago that this brings it back and makes you love Harry Potter once more. It’s also great to have such a well thought out plot, courtesy of J.K Rowling, which is very engaging but there aren’t massive plot holes that make it cringey. It’s so easy to make magical things childish but this remains something for all audiences. I like the fact that the main character is British because what we know from Harry Potter is the English system of how magic is controlled so we know what Newt is talkig about and can share his confusion at times! I know I’ve said this for every review I’ve done- Sorry!- but I would definitely recommend it because it has amazing characters and such an engaging plot line.


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous xx




Book Review- Heidi

I’m really excited to announce that the first review on my blog is going to be about Heidi, by Johanna Spyri. 

The book is about Heidi, who is an orphan, and has been taken to live with her grandfather, on the top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Her grandfather is known in the village below him to being very angry and lonely. Many people pity Heidi when she firsts lives with him because of how he is portrayed and are shocked at her Aunt Dete for allowing Heidi to live with him, despite getting a new job in Frankfurt.

However, Heidi and her grandfather make a strong relationship and allows her grandfather to have joy back into his life. She is very happy living in the Swiss Alps and meets lots of people whom are all happy to see her due to her kind and friendly personality.

She meets two friends along the way: Peter and Clara, but after feeling that Heidi no longer cares about him, Peter thinks of a plan to get rid of Clara.

Although it is a classic book, which I didn’t think I’d enjoy, it had me hooked from the beginning and Spyri has included great characters with different layers and can be relatable. Jealousy is quite a common emotion so it shows the readers how it can affect you and make you do things that you never thought you would. It also shows you that there is no need to be jealous and how friendship can create strong bonds. 

It reminds me of my childhood when reading it as Heidi is so happy and care-free. The description of the Swiss Alps makes me want to be there and have all the friends that she has (Especially the goats!)

I would highly recommend this book and you can get it free from iBooks and on a Kindle.


-Sprinkle of Anonymous


Welcome back to my little corner of randomness!

I’ve decided that I could introduce my passion: reading and writing, to my blog. Every month, I will do a review on a book, movie or product. I will try to include different types of things so there is something for all you lovely people 🙂

I’d be happy to hear if you’d like me to do a review on anything- all you need to do is comment. Sorry if I’m unable to do it, though.

Sorry for the short post but that’s enough from me


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous