Drawing- Poetry And More

From light to dark,

You make your mark.

Across the page your pencil will glide,

As you await a peaceful ride.

Leave all stress behind,

And look for all the beauty that you can find.

Hand, Sketch, Drawing, Finger, Crippled
Not my drawing, by the way!

I love to draw because when it goes right it’s so satisfying and you just sit in silence and concentrate on the drawing and not the world around you. I’m not the best at drawing but I’d love to be better and I really hope that I can improve.

Also, when you get compliments n your drawings you feel like you could just jump for joy because for someone to appreciate your hard work is just lovely.

Don’t know why I decided to do this but it’s just a little thing that I came up with- sorry that it’s so lame aha 🙂 If you’d like more poems please comment and say what you’d like them about!


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous


Donald Trump Is President…?

What has the world come to..? I don’t know the ins and outs of the election, prob due to being English, but he is the human version of the annoying orange but not as funny. I really don’t think he’s president material and I think it’d be so much better if Obama was able to carry in being president.

It’s strange because at the start he was seen as more of a joke but now he’s actually presidents?? Good luck to the Mexicans… 😂😬


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous

The Killer Spot And Crooked Smile

I’ve decided that after having a break from blogging that I really do miss it- there’s so many things that I want to put down and I know that no one will read it which I know will stress me out but I did miss it, not waking up the next morning with 0 views but being able to put all my thoughts down and then read them back at a later date. I’m not gonna have set days for blogging because the effort that I put in did not correlate with the results I got so I’m only going to blog when I have something to say and will hope someone reads it. I’d also like to say thank you to all the lovely comments I got ☺️

You’re probably thinking, we’ll prob not since I’m the only that will know this exists (and yes, I’m still cranky about it.. How’d ya guess??) but if you happen to accidently click on it, you’re probably wondering what the hell the title is about and it is very..very strange.

Soooo… Last week I had this huge spot on my chin, it wasn’t very visible at first but it was SO SO SO SO SO SO painful and by that I mean at the slightest touch, when I talked or ate. It was so horrible and lasted for quite a while, thankfully it doesn’t hurt much anymore. But the worst part was that I went out on Saturday (that was really good, that isn’t the bad part) and it had stolen up and because it was slightly to the right, only that side had stolen up so when I smiled my mouth was all crooked and you couldn’t see my bottom teeth on the right side but you could see it on the left. To be honest, I don’t think it was as bad as I thought but whenever you get a spot or something you suddenly become super self conscience and think that everyone will notice it and laugh at you but in reality everyone is going through the same thing. But it was super awkward and I didn’t know what to do when people were taking pictures because you’d be able to see it on the photo.

Anywhale… Thank you for reading!


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous

Quitting Blogging

As you can tell from the title, I am having thoughts about quitting blogging. I’d love to blog but I’ve been doing so for two months and have got NOWHERE. I’m not trying to get attention but seriously, when you put loads of effort into blog posts and get zero views each time, then you feel awful.

I get a couple of likes each time but that’s no doubt so that I’ll like their’s back, not because they like my blog, due to having zero views. I started blogging in a really hard situation when I felt like no one wanted me and I’m being to feel that again here. But the thing is that I don’t think it has anything to do with my blog posts, I thought that maybe what I was posting was awful at first, because no one even gives them a bloody chance. Twice a week for two months and yet still getting zero views- I feel like I can’t get anywhere. And when people have blogged for less than me and post less yet have 100 loads of views, likes and followers it doesn’t make it any better, especially when I do everything such as using tags, social media, images, reaching out to other bloggers and trying to make my posts interesting. But it’s just a continuous cycle of me writing a blog post- sometimes feeling really proud of it- and then checking the next day to find no views. It stresses me out.

You could say ‘write for yourself’ but seriously, I just want to know if people can relate.

It makes me feel worthless, like whatever I do will mean nothing and that no one cared about me. The same thing that is happening in real life is happening in blogging. My stress had increased significantly, something I thought blogging would reduce.

This is not my final decision but I think I’ll probably quit, or at least blog less.

Book Review: Divergent

Heyyyyyyyy!!! Today’s post is the October review and as you can tell from the title, it is a book review about Divergent. There won’t be direct spoilers so if you haven’t read/watched it then you’re ok to read it! I’ll mention things about all of the books: Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant. The author is Veronica Roth and is adventure, science fiction, dystopia, young-adult fiction.



Beatrice, or Tris, Prior lives in a world, known as Chicago, where it is split into five factions: Abnegation, believing in selflessness; Candor, believing that you should always be honest; Erudite, believing in intelligence; Amity, believe that being peaceful is the most important thing; Dauntless, believing in bravery.

For the first 16 years of her life, Tris has lived with her parents and brother, Caleb, in Abnegation with everything plain and grey- unable to look in the mirror but once on the second day of every third month. Life seemed boring but she could never prepare for what was going to happen next after she takes the aptitude test which will deliver shocking and life-threatening results and goes to the choosing ceremony, when she is 16, and make a huge decision that will change her entire life.

Her and Four will go on a huge adventure- with distraught and happiness.


My Thoughts

I think it’s an incredible book with very well developed characters. It is well written and has just the right amount of action and romance to make it very exciting to read. The characters have flaws but some are so likable, and others not so much that you can really get involved with the story. I’m not going to give away the ending but I really, really hated it! I’m sure that if you’ve read it then you’ll understand and if I could, I would definitely change it! But I’d, without a doubt, recommend it as it is a really gripping story.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this month’s review (Can’t believe it’s already month 2!)


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous


Sorry for the short post but I’d just like to say that there will be updates every Wednesday and Sunday. I feel like this will be manageable for me but will be frequent enough so that waiting for updates won’t be a bore. I know that a lot of people blog most days but I think that it would overwhelm me so, 2 days a week it isn’t!

I told you it would be short! Please comment any ideas for future blog posts.


-Speinkle Of Anonymous

Goodbye Braces!

I’ve just got my braces off! I’m so excited and although they’ve been such a pain, it was definitely worth it! I thought for this post, I’d just talk about braces (just to clarify, the ones on your teeth- not to keep your trousers up!).

People often worry about getting braces because they either think that they’ll get teased for having them or that they’ll really hurt but in reality- for me, anyway- I didn’t get any nasty comments about them and I actually got quite a lot of compliments. About them hurting, they’re supposed to really hurt putting them on and taking them off but they didn’t really hurt putting them on and, I won’t lie, I did hurt a bit taking them off but it wasn’t a great deal of pain. It hurt more after I had just got my brace because they were really aching but as long as you have soft foods for a few days after you’ve had your braces then you should be fine. I had smoothies for breakfast and my mum blended up some veg which sounds weird but is actually really nice.

Also, if your braces dig into your gum then there’s wax that you can put on it to stop it from rubbing your gum which I found super useful!

I also used mouthwash as this is supposed to stop your brace from leaving any marks on your teeth and since there aren’t any marks, I’m guessing it worked!

I definitely feel a lot more confident with straight teeth, I know it sounds weird but I really do!


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous