Haven’t done a post in ages! Wow! But I thought that I’d really like to do a Christmas post so it’s what I love about Christmas, although there is an endless list!


Although there’s not many new songs, other than Santa tell me to be honest, the classics are still amazing and I love songs such as Last Christmas and Jingle Bells. Hearing them always cheers you up!


Food at Christmas is always amazing with huge Christmas dinners and gorgeous puddings. I especially love pigs in blankets, truffles and drinking hot chocolate.and although most people hate them, I love brussel sprouts!


I’m talking about both giving and receiving because it’s great to make someone happy but let’s face it, we love getting presents! I love the thought of not knowing what I’m going to get which makes a lovely surprise.

Family and friends 

Christmas is always a great time for meeting up with those who you love and really enjoying yourself. This doesn’t require any money but can cause a lot of joy and make you feel super festive!

Decorations and the run up to Christmas

I love how at the start of December loads of people out up their decorations and make you feel really festive. I love it because it brightens up the dark winter days and it’s so lovely to go out and see all the pretty fairy lights and decorations.
Sorry for the short post but I don’t have that much time to write it! Hope you have an incredible Christmas, love you all!


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous xx