December Review- Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Getting pretty late for this month’s review and I actually watched this when it first came out, that seems ages away!

Newt Scamander is a British wizard who has arrived in America with a suitcase full of.. well… fantastic beasts! He meets many people along the way, including a muggle and two witches. However, obscurials are terrorising New York and Newt has to use the creatures to save the day. I’ve made it sound really cliche but it’s honestly amazing!

My Thoughts
I thought that it was such an amazing film and it was lovely to have the world in which Harry Potter lives in brought to life again. I think it was a great time to bring it out because so many people were still Potterheads but it was brought out such a long time ago that this brings it back and makes you love Harry Potter once more. It’s also great to have such a well thought out plot, courtesy of J.K Rowling, which is very engaging but there aren’t massive plot holes that make it cringey. It’s so easy to make magical things childish but this remains something for all audiences. I like the fact that the main character is British because what we know from Harry Potter is the English system of how magic is controlled so we know what Newt is talkig about and can share his confusion at times! I know I’ve said this for every review I’ve done- Sorry!- but I would definitely recommend it because it has amazing characters and such an engaging plot line.


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous xx




My Plan And Feeling Good!

Recently, I’ve been feeling a lot better about myself. Not about me in relations to other people as I still don’t feel like they like me around but just with myself. Yesterday, for Children In Need, it was none school uniform and I did my makeup and I felt a crazyyyyy thing that I never feel. I felt pretty. Not as in popular kid pretty or particularity pretty compared to a lot of people but I looked in the mirror and was happy about it. About 3 people came up to me and said that I looked pretty. It made me super happy and feel much better about myself.

Also, I’ve been super happy about my tests. I told like to talk about things like this normally as I feel like it makes me seem like a show-off and arrogant. But it’s not too nice for me because I can only be inwardly happy due to feeling awful about being happy in case others didn’t do as well. So, I’m so, so, so, so sorry if this comes across as arrogant! I honestly don’t want it to be like that!

Anywhale, previously, I’ve always been able to get top marks without doing any revision- although, I’ve always tried very hard in lessons. But at the start of this year I didn’t feel like I was doing as well, my grades were sinking in comparison to others- I was average. I felt like everything was going wrong, my grades were lowering and everyone around me seemed to not care about me. It was a really hard time for me.

But, we did quite a few tests back recently and I was just so happy about the results. We have these small maths tests after every topic and I got top on both of them, with full marks of one and almost full marks on my other if I weren’t 0.1 off the actual answer. GRRRRR. But then we had an English test, English is definitely not one of my strongest subjects, but we got it back and I was so happy with the results! I wasn’t top but I was near the top and it gave me lots more confidence. And finally, I got the results back from the science test and I was one mark off full marks! Top mark in my year, I was super duper happy!

Panda, Bear, Cute, Happy, Young, Animal
Here’s a picture of a super happy and adorable panda… no need to thank meh

Anywhale, onto the ‘plan’. I’ve decided that because it’s not that far away until I’m doing my GSCEs, I want to do something productive each day. It can be somehting small or something bigger, but I don’t want to do a series of pointless (I’m so sorry Netflix, I love you really!) things everyday but I also have to ake into account that I get bored by revision, which why I hardly do any, so there’s be both big and small things to do, depending on my mood. So I’ll have to do one thing from the list each day.

Some of the things:

  • Do one activity on duolingo (Spanish is my weakest subject). This will probably the one that I do most because it’s the quickest. I doubt I’ll keep a streak though bceause I had a streak of 56 and then lost it due to just one day. ONE. And before that, I had a streak in the 30s which I also lost due to 1 day. GRRRRR.
  • Complete a revision sheet (Just a small thing on some topics so that for tests, I’ve doing maths ones at the moment, I won’t have to do as much revision because everything will be together)
  • Write a blog post (sounds strange that I’m including it but they take a long time to write and it’s nice to get your thoughts down)
  • Homework, and yes, I am counting this because after doing it, I will just want to relax.
  • Revision. If I have a test then I’d rather revise for it than do something else!
  • Doing something for my DoE
  • Drawing
  • Writing some more on my story
  • Reading

Basically everything except scrolling through social media and pinterest, watching Netflix and watching YouTube although I’ll still do all of those things!

Thank you for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day 🙂


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous


The Killer Spot And Crooked Smile

I’ve decided that after having a break from blogging that I really do miss it- there’s so many things that I want to put down and I know that no one will read it which I know will stress me out but I did miss it, not waking up the next morning with 0 views but being able to put all my thoughts down and then read them back at a later date. I’m not gonna have set days for blogging because the effort that I put in did not correlate with the results I got so I’m only going to blog when I have something to say and will hope someone reads it. I’d also like to say thank you to all the lovely comments I got ☺️

You’re probably thinking, we’ll prob not since I’m the only that will know this exists (and yes, I’m still cranky about it.. How’d ya guess??) but if you happen to accidently click on it, you’re probably wondering what the hell the title is about and it is very..very strange.

Soooo… Last week I had this huge spot on my chin, it wasn’t very visible at first but it was SO SO SO SO SO SO painful and by that I mean at the slightest touch, when I talked or ate. It was so horrible and lasted for quite a while, thankfully it doesn’t hurt much anymore. But the worst part was that I went out on Saturday (that was really good, that isn’t the bad part) and it had stolen up and because it was slightly to the right, only that side had stolen up so when I smiled my mouth was all crooked and you couldn’t see my bottom teeth on the right side but you could see it on the left. To be honest, I don’t think it was as bad as I thought but whenever you get a spot or something you suddenly become super self conscience and think that everyone will notice it and laugh at you but in reality everyone is going through the same thing. But it was super awkward and I didn’t know what to do when people were taking pictures because you’d be able to see it on the photo.

Anywhale… Thank you for reading!


-Sprinkle Of Anonymous